2 CPU's P4 1.8 and p4 3.0 HT, 3 Mobo's 845,865,915

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1. ASRock p4i45 mobo (845 chipset)+ Intel 1.8 Ghz socket 478 proccy
selling cause, its been lying idle after upgrade to #item 3,
board has AGP slot, = SOLD
ASRock mobo
2. Mercury pi865GM mobo (865 chipset)+ Intel 3.0 Ghz HT socket 478 Proccy
board is in warranty, has AGP slot.
~8 month old = SOLD
Mercury Mobo

3. ASUS P5GD2-TM/X Mobo (915 chipset)
onboard Graphics, no PCI Express Slot - good for download rigs 1 yr old.
in warranty, = Not For Sale
* cpu + mobo's are for sale as combo only
* Im not willing to ship these, so mumbai buyers only, pay cash and pickup
Thanks for looking.
Price updated - 18/03/2008
hey man

im interested in the 3ghz ht, as i already have 865gbf mobo i dont want the mobo and im from Tamilnadu. if u are willing to ship the Proc do let me know the price and stuff. thanks :)

sorry friend, as i had already mentioned, im not keen on shipping anything.
and unless there is a buyer for mobo, i wouldnt want to sell the proccy.
ab1, gauravt, yogesh ... PM replied
chhajer, ive already mentioned, not willing to ship this stuff anywhere,
if u have someone in mumbai who can take it from me and ship, that might sound good.
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