2 X Sansa clip + 2gb & 4 gb

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sansa clip + 2gb (purschased from prestine note )

purchase price 2600

in warranty (8 moths old)

i m not getting the bill but ll surely produce the duplicate if something goes wromg

the player is hardly used

the player is laminated from the first day ( i wont use the clip)

sale price 1950+ shipping

Sansa clip + 4gb purchased from klgupta ebay

kl gupta had given 6 months warranty

so currently not under warranty( 9 months old)

purchase price 3600

sale price 2350 + shipping

if u want a 2 gb micro sd along with any player ll give it for 150 Rs extra

if u want a 8 gb micro sd along with this ll give it for 500 Rs extra

2 gb card recived free with mobile

8gb card in warranty (transcend)

one more hot deal sansa clip + 4gb + 8gb micro sd card for 2850 shipped



I hjad take two players one for my self one for my bro . both are upgrading so selling them

I m going for a ipod touch . i think he ll upgrade his phone to BB.

Sansa clip + 4gb sold ton manoja2K
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