2GB DDR2 RAM - Transcend 800Mhz [MUMBAI]

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Selling my Single Stick of 2GB Transcend DDR2 800Mhz RAM.


Purchase Date : Purchased from PrimeABGB on April 6,2009
Warranty : Lifetime Warranty as Per Transcend
Condition : Completing 7-months tomorrow;) and its working absolutely flawlessly :hap2:
Reason : Got a new 4GB Gskill KIT:cool2:
Bill : I have the Original Bill with me.Photocopy of the original bill will be provided:)
Product Information : ::Transcend Memory Module::

Selling Price
: Rs.1550 + Shipping
Cost of New : Rs 2200~Rs.2300

MUMBAI Buyers will be given preference.For Local Pickup,Buyer can pickup at: Chembur/Vashi:)

::Product Pictures::

Post only if you want to buy.Any queries or doubts contact use PM Route:pNo low balling Entertained:no:
broadway said:
what does the price on your bill say?

It doesn't matter. DDR2 is getting phased out eventually and the prices've gone up already. The RAM can easily sell at this price.
I was in lamington road around oct and the price PC GUIDE quoted me for a 2gb transcend stick was 1650. So if the seller claims that he bought it some six months ago then surely he must have bought it for less than 1500. I have nothing against it. Didn't india buy 200 tonnes of gold‎ from IMF yesterday. I would have bought ddr2 rams, that's what i'd have done.
On Hold for thetechmind:)

And for others:p My Friend had inquired less than a week back at Mahavir@Lamington,he was quoted 2.3k for a 2gb stick and even Deltapage lists the the latest Price for 2gb DDR2 stick as 22**.And considering that DDR2 prices are only set to go up,so i guess my price is a decent enough price for 7month old stick :p
systck said:
Will you ship to bhubaneswar? If yes , you can hold it for me if this is still available.
viva1986 said:
hi i am from delhi and if you can ship it to delhi then consider me in the line of purchasing.
kishore.chander said:
I am in chennai and is there a possibility to ship this to chennai? and incase of claiming any warranty can i get it in Chennai?

Yup...I can ship..but its currently on hold for thetechmind as local buyer given first preference :)
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