Budget 31-40k 34 inch ultrawide?


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So, again, being a total newbie, need advise. This is for Flight Sim gaming, so few questions.

  1. Is ultrawide better than a regular? I think so, but need a confirmation. I can also use the ultrawide as I would a dual screen for office work, so that would be an added advantage. Any cons to ultrawide?
  2. Would 1080 be OK? Or should I look for a 1440?
  3. I presume refresh rate will not be important? This is not 'fast moving' stuff.
Will be using a Ryzen 5 3600X with a RTX 2070 Super GPU.


Saw this. Any idea why this is so much cheaper than the others? Is this also a 'genuine' limited time deal, or will I likely get the same price in a couple of days?

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I was literally watching this the other day, maybe it will help you make a decision lol

Skip through it to get to the flight sim part.