FS: Desktops 3570k z77 based full system for sale. no warranty.

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Selling the Entire Rig

I5 3570K
Asrock z77 Extreme 4
Corsair Vengeance 4GB x 2 1600 CL9 = 8GB DDR3
Corsair HX650W PSU
NZXT Source 210 Cabinet
LG Dvd Writer

bill and invoice have been misplaced.. but its runnning OSX Yosemite on my system
Mumbai buyers can come at my place and check the machine before buying.
was my nephews rig .. hes off to the uk now to study and has a laptop for use so no one using this rig
was shut for round 10 months.. ive just recently cleaned the entire rig.. and put it back..
never been overclocked - might have boxes for most of the items incl the case -

please pm for any negotiations. and please dont spoil the thread
absolutely no holding business - whoever pays first, they take the system or i ship it @ actual cost
local buyers preferred for least hassle and up front deal
for individual items please pm your offers, but id like the system to go on the whole

ps/ have invoice for one 4gb ram stick - has 7.5 yrs warranty left


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