4Gig G.Skill Pi Blacks, Qck Mass Mousepad + few more stuff

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I have few stuff up for sale.

1. GSkill Pi Blacks F2-6400Cl4D-4GBPI-B, it is a 4 Gig kit which is new and *unopened*. Legendary kits, great VFM for OCing :D.
2. A new *unopened* Steelseries Qck Mass Mousepad. It is soft cloth pad in case someone wants to know.
3. 1 GB Dynet 667MHz DDR2 RAM.
4. SATA II to USB hard disk casing.
5. 80 GB Barracuda IDE HDD.

Reasons for sale -

- I got 2 kits from US, but cannot use whole 8 Gigs because I am using an after market cooler on my Phenom II 550 BE and Pi blacks are tall which interfere with it :(.
- Already bought a Qck Mass last week so do not need a new one.
- Dynet was serving me great since last 2 years and acted as a stop gap solution. Do not need it as I have pi blacks now :). These cheapster RAMs can do 4-4-4-15 at 2T on 667MHz with ~1.9V and that is what I was running them at till now. :)
- Got the hard disk casing off ebay in hurry with 50 Rs discount to access my 250 GB seagate for movies on my new 2209WA. Purchased a new rig next day so it is practically useless for me now :(. This one is cheapo but works great, tested with my 250GB on my laptop.
- Got my 1TB Caviar Black so do not need this :). It is 4 years old but works like a charm, no bad sectors at all. Can provide HDtune scan to interested buyers.

Asking prices -
1. GSkill Pi Blacks F2-6400Cl4D-4GBPI-B - sold.

2. Steelseries Qck Mass Mousepad - sold.

3. 1 GB Dynet 667MHz DDR2 RAM - sold.

4. SATA II to USB hard disk casing - 400 shipped or 350 for Bangalore buyers.

5. 80 GB IDE Barracuda - sold.

I will give one day personal testing warranty on Dynet, SATA to USB casing and HDD. This does not means you should burn the Dynets by pushing it beyond its limits ;) in testing warranty.

Obligatory pics -





Lowballers please take PM route to enlighten me. :p

Please note that the Pi Black kit you see lying out of the box is the one I am using now , so yours is still inside the original black pack.



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Will take the casing, if available. send the accnt details.

how old is it? what is the brand?


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Where are you located my friend?

BTW on hold for someone else, will PM you if he backs out :).

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