FS: Power Cooling and Modding 6x Antec & 5x Deepcool Blue LED 120mm Fans


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Jan 21, 2021
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  • Product Name: 120mm Deepcool Blue LED PWM Fan
  • Expected Price: 300 each
  • Quantity Available: 5

  • Product Name: 120mm Antec Case Fan
  • Expected Price: 225 each
  • Quantity Available: 6

  • Shipping charges: Included
  • Description: Bare fan with screws
  • Reason for Sale: Not Needed
  • Product condition: 10 out of 10
  • Purchase Date: 2021
  • Remaining Warranty period: None
  • Invoice Available: No

I put together a few systems for myself recently, and I have these fans as fresh pulls from Antec cases and Deepcool heatsinks. They were never used but are tested working.

All of the Deepcool Blue LED fans are identical and are PWM controlled. Five of the Antec are identical with one frame of a different shape, they all have three pin connectors.

I have other brands fans (NZXT, Rosewill, Cryorig, Noctua) that I'll put up after these are sold, but those have been in use. These are brand new, unused.

Prices include surface shipping by whatever courier is priced lowest by Shiprocket. All fans have testing warranty.


all deepcool fans sold to @SunnyBoi along with the noctua I mentioned

six antec case fans are remaining


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Brutally Honest
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Even though you've sold them can you post some pics of the fans turned on in the dark? Just wanna see how they look.


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Sent pm for antek fans

Replied but you seem to have disappeared.

Even though you've sold them can you post some pics of the fans turned on in the dark? Just wanna see how they look.

I'm sorry, they were shipped right after. I replaced the case fans with Deepcool's tri-colour led fans and the Deepcool heatsink fans with Corsair AF120's. These changes were just for aesthetic reasons.

Just wanted to what noctua fans were available?

A single NF-F12 from an L12 heatsink that came off a combo I purchased from facebook marketplace.


All antec fans sold to @amarnath0012004


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