Acer has not replaced my lcd since 3 months


Hello all,
I had made a complaint to Acer about the panel in October 2022. My lcd had a patch in the top corner which was darker than the rest of the screen. Since my device was under warranty, I contacted their support to fix it. Since then the service center is claiming that my back plate is broken and I need to pay for it in order to get the lcd replaced. I reluctantly agreed. However since then the company is claiming there is no backplate available.
Now this is the 6-7th time there has been a hardware fault in this laptop this is why I had to purchase an extended warranty for around 8k. I had written them a mail they said they are escalating the issue but no update on it since 4 days.
Pathetic qc and support from their side. I will not be buying anything from Acer again.