Laptops Acer Predator Helios 300 2017 flickering screen Help



My Acer Predator Helios 300 laptop that I had purchased in 2017 had been running alright till yesterday. The screen flickers to the point that it is disturbing.

The issue popped up when I was playing a game and persisted. After I noticed the flickering. I had uninstalled the GPU drivers and had done a clean install yesterday night but it still persisted.

This morning, I had checked whether the display cable was frayed or lost insulation somewhere, but it's okay. I had reconnected it and had secured it with a fresh piece of tape as well, but the issue still persists. It would be okay after a cold start, but would start flickering after a couple of minutes. I'm attaching a video of the same- ignore the common artifacts caused by recording (and pardon my wallpaper)00- the flicker is evident (the purplish artifacts in the background) when at the home screen and when I open a web page. Hope it's clear.

Screen flickering video

Really upset about this- I had maintained this laptop very well- I had underclocked this and disabled turbo boost to keep the temperatures low. I always used to game in a well ventilated area and with this laptop elevated on a cooling stand with sufficient circulation to the base as well as the rear exhaust. There wasn't even much dust inside when I had opened up the laptop to disconnect the battery today. My last laptop was a Vaio E series that had lasted me 9 years- this one's giving me problems right from the 5th year. Seems quality of laptops have gone down. Guess I won't buy an Acer again. A desktop PC would have been much more manageable. Wish the GPU prices would come down so that PC gamers like me could actually afford it.

Requesting for help from members here. What should I do here? I feel that this looks like a case for screen replacement, but I'm not sure. Should I go to an Acer service center in Bangalore or somewhere else that can do a good job with this? Please advise on what I should do..


Thank you. The screen turned out to be defective. Since it was an out of warranty replacement, I had to pay for it. The store I went in Whitefield in Bangalore was called Laptop Store (which was listed as an authorized Acer service center on their site) near Unilever R&D and the replacement screen costed around 12K. Nasty dent in the wallet, but those guys seemed to have done a good job so far. The old panel was made by AU Optronics and the new one is by BOE (and seems to be marginally better in terms of brightness and contrast). Hope this helps anyone else who runs into this issue.