Advice about HDFC Account

I had a salary account in HDFC. I left job and it got converted to savings account.
I am not using that account for a long time and have lost its debit card, cheque book etc. I went to bank to close my account and they told me that you need to pay 800 as demat charges, 2500 for minimum balance fine and put another 10k in your account as that is the minimum balance for a saving account.
They send only emails to me which says fund your account to recover demat charges. Earlier it mentioned 800 and now it says 1600 as demat charges. I am out of town and they told me that only I can close account. I have my PAN Card associated with this account.
I wanted to know if there will be any consequences if I just leave it like this.
Thanks for your replies.
I know I should have got it closed earlier on but now I am out of country and they say only I can close account.
I don't have anything else with HDFC. One of my friend had a fixed deposit and they ate whole FD to recover charges.
So, for savings account they don't take any other action apart from sending emails?


A friend of mine had a bounced cheque for some payment and that reflected in his cibil report, although the earlier posts make me believe since it was for EMI it got recorded in CIBIL report.
Just get your current report to be safe.