Airtel 3G - Data Usage


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I purchased a Huawei E355 device and used Airtel Prepaid Simcard to check the 3g data speed. I recharged for 45 Rs. - 180 MB 3g data.

I used for just 10 minutes, just searching a topic in Google the data balance went down to 30 mb from 180 mb. then in next couple of minutes all data were spent. Even-though I have disabled my Antivirus Auto Update, Windows Update and all other background internet accessing services the internet usage in 10 minutes has consumed 180 MB. I couldn't understand this, Is everyone facing the issue like this?

I had recharged twice to check this and it happened the same.. Could someone help me out on this..


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I called customer care and they said I have utilized it. Do you do something particularly to avoid data usage in background applications? Or how do i find it out.

Which Data provider are you using? Airtel or Aircel etc..


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I use AIRtel only mate.

What i would recommend you is, check with a smartphone and whether it is consuming data at a similar pace.
The aim of this exercise would be to find if they have any fault in its service.
You can also download a data counter on the lappy where you are using this device.

I mostly use it with my smartphone and tether it only once a week when the inevitable net disconnection happens.