Alibaba and AliExpress passwords clashing with each other? [Android]


Brutally Honest
I have both Ali apps installed. When I use one of the apps, say Alibaba, it requires me to login even though it should've remembered and automatically logged in as I had used it. When i log in it says my PW is incorrect. Then I reset my PW and it works again. Next I open AliExpress and again it tells me what my pw for it is wrong. Then I reset again and it works fine like usual.
But if I use only Alibaba then after I reset my PW there's no issue. As long as I don't touch AliExpress and vice-versa. But they cannot be used together.

I've repeatedly resetted my passwords a number of times. I'm no software engineer but I think that the two apps are somehow clashing with each other.

Can someone install both and confirm this problem?