PC Peripherals All in One Printer Budget 10 to 15K

Which Printer Brand Has The Best Service ?

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JJ the great

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HII guys I Need a All in One For printing Invoices For my Online business Prints should be in the range of-:

B/W 10 to 20 pages a day in the initial run
Colour printing is required for Marketing materials

I have short listed Epson L355 & Ricoh SPC 240DN & Brother DCP T700W

After reading many reviews of Epson L355 40% people are complaining about many issues which lead to other two Ricoh and Brother

Ricoh budget lines don't have colour & SPC 240DN has colour but one review says that it's toner cost is 20k if that's true it's ridiculous

Brother DCP T700W seems the best bet it improved the mistakes epson did in ink tank printers & ink botles are also priced good but no idea about their service so want to ask you guys how is brother aio compared to Hp & others in terms of performance & Service.

Thanks in advance Guys
JJ[DOUBLEPOST=1434871714][/DOUBLEPOST]Hii Guys anyone here to help me on the printer purchase ?
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