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So finally I am fed up with them. Pickup does not happen as scheduled. My last 5 or 6 pickups were like that and speaking to their inept customer care is a complete waste of time. Looks like their shipping partners do not want to work with them. I have now had nothing but pickup issues across all their partners - Dtdc, Bludart, eKart etc. etc.
The only reason for sticking with them is that the cost is less compared to approaching a courier directly.
So are there any alternative aggregators with reasonable pricing and better pickup/deliver performance ? Or do we have to be fleeced by the direct couriers to be able to get on time performance, which should actually be mandatory in this industry ?
Location : Bengaluru and Kolkata
So @niceguy1430 sent me a shipment from Mumbai to Pune

Delhivery made the package go from Mumbai -> Siliguri -> Guwahati -> Silchar -> Agartala -> Guwahati -> Siliguri -> Thane (as of now)


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I can relate, Just a couple days ago booked shipment with DTDC. Pickup was supposed to happen in Mumbai and it didn't for two straight days. I switched the courier partner to Delhivery and they picked on time. Actually I think only Delhivery is working fine on Shiprocket, rest all are either ignoring or not prioritizing the pickups.

I was never successful with Ekart via Shiprocket and DTDC I've only used 2 times. Pickup from Delhi via DTDC worked but Mumbai, nope. I've used Delhivery for 20+ times successfully each time.
Initially I tried Xpressbess they also delay a bit but it was picked up eventually then I never used it again.
I think only Delhivery is working fine on Shiprocket
I had to stop using Delhivery via ShipRocket last year only after they started to delay pickups consistently. eKart was excellent for a while and then they also flunked. I will close my account with them after they refund the balance in the wallet. Is the pricy Bludart the only on time option then ?
Bluedart needed some more documentation to enable in shiprocket. Was it PAN? I'm not sure, I didn't enable it. Also it was strict no for shipping used items and only wanted to deal if it was a retail sale.
Delhivery did always pickup and deliver on time in my experience of 20+ shipments.

Also there's a policy of refunding wallet balance? If so I'll close my account too otherwise I just seek to buy some stuff from here in FS section and arrange shipping myself to use that wallet money.
How much cheaper is Delhivery through Shiprocket? Always booked using Delhivery Direct with their regular 20% off coupon and found the rates to be reasonable, with pickups always completed within 24 hours.
Unfortunately the price difference does not matter if pickup does not happen on time - neither direct nor via ShipRocket. Their service quality is location specific. I have not used them since last year but it was around 15-20% on an average.
Back on topic : Any reliable and timely options specific to Bengaluru and Kolkata / West Bengal ?
Pickup does not happen as scheduled.

This may not be a feasible option for a lot of people, but I've stopped relying on pickup/delivery. I searched out the last hub offices of most courier services and I just go there to drop off or pick up packages. I've had issues with almost all courier services, be it Blue Dart or DTDC or any of the smaller ones. I get there in the morning before 11 and it helps that almost every office is within 5km, most within 2km.

The only problem is none of the delivery hubs have signboards, probably to avoid angry customers. But all of them have signs nearby advertising positions for delivery boys so that's how I've been able to find them.

I still schedule pickup through Shiprocket for the fantastic pricing, I just drop it off in person instead of waiting.
I still schedule pickup through Shiprocket for the fantastic pricing, I just drop it off in person instead of waiting.
How do you find out from which hub they will come for pickup ? Can the Shiprocket package be dropped in any nearby hub ?
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Could you share the coupon?
They used to display it within the app, but now they only display the 10% one. Just search for it, all the coupon sites have their own codes for 20% off on Delhivery, so they are just doing the eBay thing now of making savers search for coupons.
I have sent and received hundreds of GPU's via Delhivery and my experience was always great. You can book the pickup directly from Delhivery website. Use coupon Get20. Only once a GPU which was sent to North East was delayed a bit. Funny thing is, the GPU was a NVIDIA FE and the buyer also worked in NVIDIA. A lot of my Bangalore buyers opt for Bluedart but I have also sent many GPU's to Bangalore via Delhivery without any issue or delay. I scheduled pickups 2-3 times via Shiprocket (DTDC and Delhivery) in Kolkata and both times the pickup was late by atleast a day. I never had any issue when I booked the pickup directly via Direct Delhivery dot com website. Yesterday night I booked a pickup via Shiprocket (Amazon courier) at my location and the pickup happened in the morning. I don't live in a city may be that's why the service is outstanding at my location.
You can book the pickup directly from Delhivery website.
Refer above on my experience of directly booking with them. The experience is the same - pickup is never on time. I was using Delhivery till around mid of last year and till that point it was really good. But after that for some reason it went downhill. There is a whole thread on them here.
Over a period I have seen that timeliness of any of the reasonably priced services vary over time and area irrespective of aggregator or direct online/app booking. If you need on time pickup, you get Bluedart and they would charge you through your nose or you walk in and hand off your stuff at the nearest outlet.
I will probably give Delhivery another try and see if anything has changed but I have no hope.
If you need on time pickup, you get Bluedart and they would charge you through your nose or you walk in and hand off your stuff at the nearest outlet.
Are you scheduling to blue dart through ship rocket? I want to know if it's cheaper like other options on ship rocket.