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is this a good place to buy from?
i mean the deal seems too good to be true at 1.3k and it delivers at march 18
can i do credit card charge back if i do pay for it if the item doesnt deliver?
sorry ive never used a credit card so i really dont know
Buy only if you want to donate money. Amazon will not handle refund/replace after delivery as it is not Amazon fulfilled. For seller fulfillment orders they tell you to contact seller itself. But if you want to ahead, totally your choice.


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Lowest price and lower than any other seller in India. I must say it's good deal for one of the top end nvme drives

XPG GAMMIX S70 Blade PCIe Gen4x4 M.2 2280 - 2TB for 16k, 1TB for 8k​

Cheaper here. Amazon's price is better only if u can get some card offers.
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Personally been using the SN570 as a secondary drive for games (it is at about 3.5tbw so far and 100% health) and had purchased it for about 7.5k a couple weeks after it launched in India (about a year old ig), and when transferring files form my boot drive (1TB SN550, which I purchased for about 8.5k about 2years ago and is at 53tbw & 98% health), I get 950-1050mbps transfer speeds when I move large steam games (50-135GB in size). I suspect the bottleneck is the SN550, as I should be seeing about 1500mbps with the 570 but even 1gbps is more than enough speed for me lol. I don't think I've ever used the cache of the 570 fully; although I did use up the cache of my SN550 when moving 3 game simultaneously at which point I still got over 400 or 500mbps iirc.
Overall, the SN570 will be the best vfm drive, plus 5yrs warranty is peace of mind; and is more than enough nvme for anyone outside of professional applications like 8K video editing or some other niche.


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This specific model (Gammix S70 Blade) is PCI Gen 4 this thing's speeds are upwards of 7400+ MBPS.!! Ridiculously fast!
Unless you have 2 such drives in your system you will never see those 7000MB/s speeds in real life scenario anyway. Buy gen 4 pcie NVMe drives for their improved controller & other tech but for their speeds you need to buy 2 of them.


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Keepa scrapes prices once in a while. Doesn't always reflect the price on a particular day.
True. During Lightning Deals and such the displayed price is often lower than Keepa's last recorded price. I think the polling interval is in the minutes.