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Jan 1, 2015
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Lying unused
Product as described in title. Despite the age, it is in pristine condition as it has been lying around in its cover for most of the time. Have used it for reading around 2 dozen books but thereafter reading shifted to other devices. Battery life is still exceptional.

The cover is knackered on the outside and I would have otherwise thrown it away but for the fact that it will help in protecting the device during shipping and also because it has been the Kindle's abode for over half a decade.

I would prefer local pick-up or shipping since delivering it to long distances would entail having to go to a crowded marketplace, but I can discuss that over.


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4000 shipped. Also wanted to add that I don't have the micro USB cable with me any more, so you will have to use your own which shouldn't be a problem considering the recharging frequency of a Kindle.