AMD x2 4200+ 65W

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Its a AM2 proccy, 65W Windsor processor easily overclock to 5000+. Those who want low power rig or download rig, kindly have a look at it. Its almost 2 yr old proccy, hence only 1 yr warranty remaining.

I have original box but won't be able to find bill.


Price: 1.6k + shipping

No holds, whoever pays gets it. Prefer Mumbai buyers.

Reason for selling : Upgraded to X2 550 BE

PS: It comes with original heatsink and Fan.

Lowballers will not be entertained thru PM or by any other means. So request them to stay away.



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price is the issue hence no offers.
I got 5000+ for 2k+shipping
I have seen your offer earlier only withdrew because of price else this would have been in my home by now.


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Dont know rules ? :no:

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If U cant wait, better drop price, posting fact only - many people sold X2 5000+ @ 2k shipped w/ more warranty remaining.

and its not first time, in older sale threads, U bumped many times also. :cool2:
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