Any reliable cloud(for storage) service better than Onedrive? In terms of space/cost.


Most of it is obvious, just to make sure I didn't miss any!

Basic requirement: Storing photos/small videos. About 480 GB so far. Not a pro, but memories. Max of 50 GB (mostly less) every year. Use iPhoto locally. So it is pretty much in order.
Using at present: OneDrive, part of 'Microsoft 365 Business Basic'. Reason being, 1TB storage for INR 1500 per year. Using cyberduck for upload/download.
Checked Google drive and iCloud pricing. I see either settle for 100/200 GB or go for 1/2 TB but pay like INR 5000 or more per year.
Any problem at present? Not exactly. Purchased it through an authorised reseller (Microsoft has listed them in their website) as I couldn't get it directly. Reason being, debit cards doesn't work, some of the credit cards too. I use UPI to pay third party. Never get any confirmation on renewal from Microsoft. Third party confirm after I send few emails.

Any cloud service better in terms of reliability/storage space which is close to the above pricing? Also those support UPI/netbanking, so that I can pay them directly. I think Google/iCloud accept UPI and netbanking. But as I mentioned, price is on the higher side.