Anyone noticed Amazon never mentioned Serial number @ Invoice !!!


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Anyone noticed Amazon never mentioned any serial number in their invoice - which I believe still the only source to claim warranty for electronics here in India....of course there are some exceptional like WD / Dell / Apple etc.

I bought many electronics / computer components from FK earlier when they are shining / reasonably priced their product - Each and every single piece of their invoice contained serial number of that particular product /s...where Amazon only mentioned the sticker which they paste on the packaging container.

And here I'm talking about all Amazon Fulfilled Product - not the seller fulfilled...Last Jan'15 I bought a WD HDD from FK and the Invoice is detailed (Contained the HDD's Serial number) and last Sunday I ordered a WD HDD (on the way ) from Amazon and it Fulfilled product and the Seller is Amazon Himself (Cloudtail) - as usual there is no serial number mentioned....I may not face any problem to register it with WD and hopefully able to get warranty.

But my question why on the earth they don't print the serial number on the Invoice ?????


This review made me thinking..........What about Laptops.......Invoice without Serial number ? How about a Mobile without IMEI Number ?


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Not a problem. Just contact Amazon support and mention the order no. and they will email you another invoice with the serial no. mentioned. They have done this for me in the past.

Strange this is, I have only had to ask them for this for "general" electrical items (ie. Ovens, etc.)

In the case of HDD, I have always recd. an invoice with the serial no. clearly mentioned by default at the time of delivery itself...