Anyone used ?


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I'm looking to buy a used laptop and this store has great prices but I'm unsure if it's a scam site or not.

Anybody used this site before?

Any other good site to buy used electronics?


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Err...Why even bother with such sites when you got big billion sale running everywhere??

The name itself sounds fishy. They shake it & pee to the top... Hila p Top.


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I assume this is a dead thread but they do have a shop in Chennai (Spencer's Plaza) and if I remember correctly, they were the sponsors for one competition I was participating in.


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Its a genuine site, is a Chennai based AFAIK.

However, I would suggest to stay away from refurbs if possible

I have helped 2 people who have bought refurbs laptops (1 recently and 1 earlier) and this is what I found

1. They do a basic minimal QA is possible. Laptop boots and works fine - job done. No extended tests are conducted. In this case, the thermal paste was shot. When the bios and drivers were updated, it started misbehaving with glitches.
2. Fake battery + shoddy Windows install. Ideally do a clean format. Battery will be swapped out when possible.


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I remember checking this site long time back. But I have contacted their number and they do have a shop in Chennai. The guy told me that I can visit them directly to purchase the laptop in case I'm worried about buying it online. But yea, refurbs. My cousin has bought a refurb laptop, hp envy, from eBay India back in 2013 and it still runs without much troubles.