Anyone with experience with doing warranty/RMA claims for used items still under manufacturer warranty?


I would like to know if anyone faced any issues with warranty or RMA process if they bought a used item but under warranty.

Do the service center agent/email agent check for 1st or 2nd user, or just a valid bill is enough? For example, if you bought a device from someone in different state and go to a service centre in your state, will a different address in bill cause any issues? Is warranty 'transferable'?

Just some general examples,

Acer states that warranty is not transferable.

Bosch- The warranty is confined only to the first purchase of the appliance and is non-transferable.

Gigabyte/Aorus says that it will try to verify details and identity of claimant if item receipt is previously 'entered or used'.

Please do post your experiences. Thank you.


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There is no harm you posing as the original person. Also, from the person you bought it, if its some forum or here, the op might very well help you as far as item is under warranty.
You can also state as gift received in some situations.
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@nRiTeCh yeah that seems doable. Might as well go as first person.

But what about cases where warranty is registered online in that user's name or email? And need to contact manufacturer first to get a RMA/service number first? Better hope the seller is cooperative and helps in emailing and contacting the manufacturer.