APC HI800SQ + Exide Inva Tubular. Calling all inverter users..........


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After getting fed up with the 3-4 hrs power cuts daily, I had to buy an Inverter for my dad.

APC inverter HI800SQ and Exide Inva Tubular Battery of 150 ah. After Google'ing and reading topics @ TE i have finalized these. And my requirement would be two fans + two tube lights + a CRT 29" TV.

20k max budget. cant afford more than that. If i choose BI100I then I have to buy 24v - two batteries. then it would cross my budget. so strictly 20k.

I had inquired most of the APC dealer shops @ Bangalore , nobody is ready to give tubular batteries @ nominal cost. So I'm planning to get them separately and install myself. I think that is not a big deal to connect them. Hope my Elect. Engg. Degree will help. My friend works with a Cargo Service so he gets me Inva tubular battery 150ah @ utter cheap price of 9650.00. APC HI800sq @ 5500.00.

Please drop your ideas whether these both will compatible with each other and will operate without any problem.

I think this exide inva tubular is the best among its range.. If something goes wrong my dad will kick me out of the house. please share ur thoughts.

My friend works with a Cargo Service so he gets me Inva tubular battery 150ah @ utter cheap price of 9650.00. APC HI800sq @ 5500.00.



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The APC unit is good as long as it is in warranty. After that the service is expensive, and parts take 2-3 weeks to arrive for repairs. I changed my APC after the 2 year warranty it had for a brand called "Kevin" KEVIN works well even with active PFC SMPS and very stable power supply. @ 4500 for pure sine wave. I think you have a good deal on the tubular battery, tempted to contact your "friend" :p


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@axeman. thanks for the advice.

But when I read the old topics @ TE most of them have got Amaron inverter shield battery. that is why I'm, fearing whether this inva tubular will suit / match with APC inverter.


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The exide invatubular battery is very good, but you need certain precautions since you are getting it delivered from some where else. Most probably you will be delivered a dry battery since transporting a acid filled battery will be problematic.

So you have to take care for filling acid in the battery and charging it fully before you can use it. You can charge your battery by through the inverter after disconnecting the load stage. Once you take these precautions you are good to go.


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Are there any UPS which can connect to normal/regular (5A) sockets and not the mains socket (15A) ? Since I don't want a home UPS, only a long duration (>3 hours) for my PC system.

Can the plug of the UPS be modified to use regular socket ? Is there any problem, such drawing high watt will trip the MCB or burn the electrical wiring etc ?

I am looking for such UPS with a rating of 800VA. Not interested in only PC UPS and these are small duration (< 20 mins).