APC rs1000 ups, Lan switch, samsung home theater, 650i mobo, proccy, ram, etc

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product --APC BR-1000-IN 1000VA UPS

best thing for people who like to have 100% uptime, uninterrupted downloads etc

Can actually run 2-3 computers simultaneously

condition -- 10/10. used with only one pc so max load was never over 300w

Bill available -- yes

bought on --3 june 2010 @Rs5750

warranty -- yes, until 2june 2012

reason for selling -- moving away from delhi, has way beyond the capacity i required

Expected price -- 4000 (local pickup only)

interested members list

1- matoind







product --Samsung HT-P10 5.1 home theater system

Specs --dooyoo.co.uk/home-cinema-system/samsung-ht-p10/details/]Technical data for Samsung HT P10 - Home Cinema System at dooyoo.co.uk

Was using this with my computer with only 2 speakers and woofer, but has been packed away since over an year now.

The remote looks brand new because its always been wrapped up in very thick plastic.

condition -- 6/10 physically (dvd drive virtually unused)

Bill available -- no

bought on --sometime in 2007 @10000

warranty -- nada

reason for selling -- not being used, taking too much space

Expected price -- 2000 (local pickup only)

interested members list

1- mrRIG




product --XFX 650i ultra mobo

RMA'd 6 months ago because usb had stopped working. Got new mobo in return and has been lying unused since then cuz i switched to another mobo.

condition -- 10/10

Bill available -- no

warranty -- not sure of the exact purchase date, but this has 3 years (guys at rashi did not ask for bill for rma)

reason for selling -- not being used

Expected price -- 1500 local pickup, 2000 shipped

interested members list

1- zino



product --Intel mobo D101ggc + intel 3.0Ghz P4 processor+512mb ddr1 ram

from one of my old computers.

condition --everything in working order

warranty -- nada

reason for selling -- not being used

Expected price -- 1500 (local pickup), 2000(shipped)

interested members list





product --netgear LAN switch

8port network switch

condition -- working

bought on --nov 2009 @650

warranty -- nada

reason for selling -- not using wired lan anymore

Expected price -- 300 (local pickup), 350 (shipped)

]interested members list

1-kingkaran -- ON HOLD


product --el-cheapo toolkit

reason for selling -- don't want to throw it away

Expected price --FREE!(local pickup), $100000 (shipped)
Got multiple Pms for the monitor. I have updated the original post with list of interested members.

/OT/ Is increasing the price due to too much interest against the rules?:p
You didn't mention anything about CM600-PSU in the listing ...!

Its only in the title of the thread. Did you withdraw it from sale or you are including the PSU with CM690 cabby????
Monitor withdrawn from sale until Monday cuz i noticed it might be possible to get a replacement under warranty (it has 3 years and was delivered on 08/01/2008)

cabby + psu also withdrawn(will put them back with the monitor)

thread updated

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webcam back for sale, cuz i cant find 64 bit drivers for it.

home theater, P4 kit on hold for net(payment expected before evening). Kingman next in line for p4 kit
Intel mobo D101ggc + intel 3.0Ghz P4 processor+512mb ddr1 ram

I normally do not hold stuff., i am just waiting for the above to get unhold so i buy all of them in one go to save on shipping.

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and yeah man! toolkit also plz.

i am also a dilli wala to some extent, but its that i live somewhere else :)
The guy has assured me hes gonna do the bank transfer on Monday morning. If he backs out then its yours.
I'm going to back out of taking the tool kit, cost of commuting will be more than what it's worth. :p

payment made, the goods will get picked after confirming convenient time over your phone.

Toolkit claimed as well :D
P4 kit, Samsung home theater, 650i mobo and toolkit sold to net. LAN switch on hold for kingkaran

UPS, webcam still up for grabs.

looking for no mol-bhav buyers pleez.:p
interested in the UPS if the price is negotiable. Please PM me the final price for it. Can pick it up locally.
@4000 its going to be more than worth it to anybody who really needs it. Its basically new, minus 6months warranty at Rs1800 less.

So, sorry the price for the UPS is firm

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on second thought i can offer you this.. as there are no takers for the webcam, I can let you have it as a freebie.
webcam would be of no use to me. Any reduction in price can make me setup my mind. Anyways, if you dont find any takers for the asked price and you plan to sell it asap do drop me a PM.
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