Apparently Disney has got a dynamic (updating) blanket ban on anime torrent sites passed in HC


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I wonder which anime releases Disney owns. Never saw their studio mentioned in anime i watched till now. If they think Disney made cartoons for kids is anime, then they are mistaken.
Whats worse is Indian HC passing such laws for benefit of foreign studios who don't own such licenses to stream anime in India. Afaik, even Amazon Prime which was streaming anime in India stopped some time back due to low demand. Now Amazon Prime only shows Indian made or Disney crap cartoons made for 3 year old kids. I wish our judges were technically competent and don't bend to US studio demands like this.


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This happened a few weeks ago, HS was down for a couple of weeks but seems to be opening up fine again now


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ex-Mod not opening for me. Shows connection reset.
Nyaa is also not opening without vpn. Airtel doing dpi on https sites too.