FS: Keyboard and Mice Apple Ipad 12.9 inch smartkeyboard folio ( brand new) never used


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Oct 8, 2022
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7 months
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Bought 11inch ipad pro
I had bought this with my intention to buy Ipad pro 12.9 inch but recently ended up purchasing 11 inch ipad pro from a member and will have to buyer 11 inch smart keyboard now.
Model no. A2039 or MXNL2LB/A (Box says compatible with 3rd and 4th gen)
So selling it now.

Rs 7500 plus shipping 300 only.
Not negotiable at all.

This is never been used. You will get with box and invoice.

Will pack it nicely but complete buyer's risk.
I have checked the serial number on Apple Page and it does show up here.
I don't know if this keyboard warranty starts from purchase date or activation date. So please note this.


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Still available for short time.
Trying OLX soon.

Okay . So some member have message me about scalping and all.
To get straight to the point yes this is being sold at higher price than what I got on lucky one day deal. So you will find the price lower on invoice.

This is just to clear any remaining doubts to any buyer. If the price is still not decent enough for you. Don't have to buy it. I will not try to defend or explain anything further. So requesting to keep this thread clean and do not further message me unless you want to buy it or have any product related enquiry.
I don't need to further explain my point. Just hope I cleared that part too for everyone.

To mods @puns hope I am not doing anything against forum rules. If yes please lock this thread. Thank you.
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This is an excellent accessory at a great price and almost a must have for any 12.9 ipad owner.
In some ways, its even better than the magic keyboard.

Mine, send payment details please.

wait is this compatible with 6th gen? looking it up

It’s going to be a tight fit for the 6th gen, going to skip, best of luck for the sale
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Still available.

Mine, send payment details please.

wait is this compatible with 6th gen? looking it up

It’s going to be a tight fit for the 6th gen, going to skip, best of luck for the sale
Good to know that atleast it will work with 6th gen Ipad pro too.

I thought all ipad pro after 3rd gen were same dimension.
Rs 500 off . So take it for Rs 7000 plus 300 shipping.( Not negotiable).
Almost brand new as mentioned.
Have few items to ship in next few days so making this offer .
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Final price . Rs 6500 plus 300 shipping.
Only message if want to buy at this price.
Making last attempt to sell this here- Rs 6500 including shipping.

Completely brand new, only opened once as never been used. I do not know if warranty is from activation day or since day purchased.
Still available.
Not negotiable.(6400 including shipping).
Completely brand new as never used only opened once.

Some have said this is compatible with M2 ipad pro 12.9 inch too but a little tight close.
However I cannot confirm and so do your own research and then buy.
still available.
Rs 6400 including shipping remains final price. Only message if okay with this price. No further negotiation.

I again repeat - I do not know if warranty is usually from purchase date or registration date . But this device has not been activated as it was never used. completely new just opened box.
Rs 6000 +200( last price)Not negotiable. Still available.

According to the information available on internet .
This works great with 12.9inch M1 iPad too but with slight misfit.
Here is a QA from Flipkart.

Please note that I am just sharing the info so do your own research before you buy.
I have given all the required details like Model number and generation. This is not returnable.

Hope this info helps.


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Rs 5500 plus 200 shipping. Not negotiable . Please dont message if not okay with this price.
My final offer as looking for quick sale as will not be able to ship later as travelling.