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Nov 9, 2011
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Selling some pro audio and other stuff which I have not used for a while since i upgraded to better hardware but never had time to sell.

1. Avid Mbox 3 Pro Firewire Audio Interface (PCIe Firewire Card Bundled)

Product Condition : Mint. Has been used in a very clean environment. All things work. The headphone volume knob might have some noise sometimes while changing the volume but everything works perfectly fine.
The card requires a Texas Instruments FW card to work at its full potential as recommended by Avid. I have a VIA card which i will bundle with the interface. I used this interface last year with this card on a pro project without any issues. No other audio interface offers similar features and quality at even 3x the price. Selling only because i got iMac pro and this has been lying unused since then.

What's included: Interface and its power brick + power cable, VIA PCIe Firewire Card, Firewire Cable, Breakout cable for MIDI.

Price : 7.5k shipped. Non negotiable

2. Apple iPad 2 16 GB

Product Condition: Absolutely mint. No scratches whatsoever. The front and back were protected with screen protector since day 1 but since the front protector got yellow tint, i removed it last week. Back still has the protector.
iOS Version : 6. Buyer can update to a newer iOS but i absolutely do not recommend it as its painfully slow for this hardware.
You can check here for iOS for this iPad : https://everyi.com/by-capability/maximum-supported-ios-version-for-ipod-iphone-ipad.html

What's included : iPad. Original Charger, Aftermarket Charging cable. Will ship with a case too (for protection) but it is worn out and i definitely recommend you get a new one.

Price: 5k shipped. Non negotiable.

Please check the thread for more hardware as i will click pics and add those items for sale. Cheers :grin:


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