FS: Mobile Apple iPhone 6S - 128 GB - Rose Gold


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3 out of 5
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Jan 1, 2017
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1. Apple iPhone 6S (model - A1688)
Expected Price: Rs 9000
- Storage - 128GB
- used by my Dad as backup phone, working flawlessly, Two scratches on top corners of the phone (pics attached).
- Product details URL: : https://support.apple.com/kb/sp726?locale=en_US
- Reason for Sale: Not using
- Product condition: 3 out of 5 (it has 2 scratches on top corners, so, 2 points cut)
- Issues if any:
a. Battery is in "Service" state. Got 1 day with full charge, with an hour of SOT (youtube and some browsing)
b. Couple of months ago, the front glass cracked and phone switched off due to a fall, so the phone was lying idle. I got it repaired locally and kept it on sale
- Can include charging adapter (model-A1385) if you ask for it. It has USA pin. Cable is missing, so consider it not included for now.
- Prefer the prospective buyer or their friend check the product personally before buying, else can ship too at buyer's risk and suggest to get insurance
- No box and no invoice
- Checked 4G speed with Jio sim (pic attached)

- Goods once given to courier service means deal is done. For someone who needs shipping to be done, we can do videocall and you can check device cosmetics and functionality. I will do the packing to your satisfaction and will update you with the pics. Packing costs will be shared between buyer and me.
Thanks for understanding !!!

I has another apple product for sale -
2. Apple iPad 2 16GB (model-A1397)
Expected Price: Rs 6000
Product details URL:
1. https://www.sellyourmac.com/mac-product-guides/ipad/mc985ll-a-ipad-2-wifi-cellular-verizon-16gb.html
2. https://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/758426-REG/Apple_MC985LL_A_16GB_iPad_2_with.html
Reason for Sale: Not using
Product condition: 5 out of 10
Purchase Date: NA
Issues if any: Used by family members and kids mainly for facetime and youtube. Edges have bumps and scratches (pics attached). Speakers are not working. Audio from 3.5mm jack and BT is working. Wifi reception seems to be slow. Prefer the prospective buyer check the product personally before taking the call
pics are in this thread - https://techenclave.com/threads/mul...firestick-2ng-gen-household-items-etc.209269/

A combo price can be worked out if buyer can purchase both the products



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Bump.. Price negotiable.
Give me good price and we can make the deal. Just want to sell it off as these gadgets are lying idle with me but somebody else can make better use if it


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Pongal offer -
1. Apple iPhone 6S (model - A1688) - Expected Price: Rs 6000
2. Apple iPad 2 16GB (model-A1397) - Expected Price: Rs 4000

for details, known issues and pics, look at post#1