FS: Others Apple Watch SE (2020) 40mm GPS + Cellular Nike Edition


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Nov 7, 2020
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Going back to classic watches
The watch is well-kept and in good condition. It was purchased from the Apple Online Store sometime in November 2020.

As I did not use a screen protector, there are a few minor hairline scratches which are visible under direct light sources when the display is off. I have tried to highlight it in the pictures. There are no scratches or dents on the body as it was always used with cases. It will come with a matching Caseology by Spigen case included (Shown in the first pic).


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Feedback: 23 / 0 / 0
When it's connected to my phone, I usually end the day with 30-40 per cent battery left (All watch features are enabled, no battery saving mode). If it's running purely on cellular or has heavy GPS usage, the runtime is lower. A few days ago, I accidentally left my phone's Bluetooth and Wifi off for an entire 7hr drive. So my watch was connected to LTE and on standby the whole time starting at 6 AM in the morning till about 4 PM when it finally showed the low battery warning. It was constantly hunting for a signal during the drive. The battery life seems good going by other accounts I could find online.

I can give an unconditional testing warranty for 3 days. However, if you wish to return it without there being any defects or problems, I will not refund the shipping costs.
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