FS: Others Arctic MX4, Kingston 4GB DDR2, Aukey BT Speaker, PCIe USB3 Card, CM 4 in 3


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Arctic MX4 : Bought from Amazon USA 2 months ago, opened last montha nd used twice. 75% left as indicated in pics. Too many thermal pastes with me, dont think I'll use this tube again.
Price : Rs 400 + shipping

Kingston 2 x 2GB DDR2 800 RAM : Bought on Amazon IN in 2016. Not sure about warranty.
Price : Rs 650 + Shipping

Aukey SK-M8 BT Speaker : Bought from USA couple of years ago, barely used it thrice. Lying unused and hence selling it.
Price : Rs 750 + Shipping

PCIe to USB 3 card : Better implementation with a NEC Chip powering 4 external ports + Genesys Logic chip powering one inside + USB3 front ports. Proper 7 ports. Sold one recently on another thread, selling a second card from another PC.
Price : Rs 500 + Shipping.

Coolermaster 4 in 3 : Dont remember when it was bought, over 8 years ago for sure. Used to convert 3x 5.25 bays and takes 4 3.5inch HDDs. Comes with a blue CM 120mm fan inside. I was just using this to cover up empty slots + doubles up as an extra intake fan.
Price : Rs 800 + shipping.

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USB 3 card sold, bump for the rest
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CM 4 in 3, Aukey BT speaker and DDR2 RAM accounted for, just the Arctic MX4 left!
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