Article [Aakash tablet: Oversold, underperforming]


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Within days of going on sale online, the 2,500 rupee (about $47) Aakash computer appears to be sold out, according to the tablet's official Web site.

The tablet has generated huge excitement among gadget geeks and internationally renowned columnists alike, who say the product could advance education in India and revolutionize the lives of the world's poor. But it has been dogged by complaints about its performance and delivery delays.

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Aakash tablet comes with a really modest 366 MHz CPU, but packs a dedicated GPU. The available RAM is 256 MB and there’s also a microSD card slot and two USB ports on board. The 2100 mAh battery inside the Aakash slate should offer between 2 and 3 hours of power autonomy

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I have ordered one ubislate for 3k, they have sent some booking number also in email, the only challenge is that shipping will start only from March end or April, which is a long time to wait.


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underperforming?, compared with what? ipad? what people expect for tablet costing below 3k. I would be happy if it is decent enough.