FS: Video Card Asus NVIDIA Dual OC 1070 8GB - 19 Months Warranty (updated performance charts 1960+ MHz auto clocks)


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Jan 23, 2018
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Update 17 June: 2 fresh pieces received from RMA and updated in the gallery and availability matrix.


All cards maintain >1900MHz core speed without any tuning in-game, and score over benchmark scores of 1070 online (as this is pre-overclocked from the factory.)

The cards are in great condition. 5 of the 8 listed have been sold.
They're non-mining cards to the best of my knowledge, and the condition sings a similar tune.

People are very happy with the cards - if you're in Delhi and NCR, feel free to come over to my place and test, though after OCCT memcheck, furmark, and heaven/3dMark benching, there's little to test. I have nothing to hide and am glad to address anyone's anxiety.

  1. PRACTICAL LOGIC LINK so as to why any custom 1070 = a good buy
  2. Status tacker
  3. All Nvidia 1070 boost to 1900. Pre-OC models like this will hit 1950 no sweat. All cards WILL hit 2050-2150 YMMV in this range. I even OC'd one card for demo purposes in 5 minutes. You can go higher if you spend more time tuning.
    OC SAMPLE HERE - I scored much higher than the 1070 STRIX.
  4. 80704
  5. Maximum rated GPU Temperature (in C). 94. Per Nvidia's website. Anything under 85, the card will use 'BOOST BINS' to give you free automatic overclocked performance. Depending on the type of load, temps, total power draw, and board power, cards in the same batch and across different models will behave similarly or differently - you never know. No card will hold 1900+ with a sustained load.
  6. Card temps may seem high - they're not. Laptop GPUs and CPUs run at 90+ all the time. Sure some cards maintain <75*C on loading - you just need to modify the pre-programmed temp-fan curve in Afterburner to get your desired level of peace. These cards will hold <75C with a slightly aggressive fan profile in sustained loads, and <75*C in games without any fan curve modifications.
  7. I break cards in testing to check if they're fit for listing. If they don't break in my testing, they will last and last. No questions about quality, fans noise, flickering or anything else. I have used the DP port on my 144Hz to test, FYI.
  8. 1070 vs 1660ti - 8GB>6GB. These cards have DUAL HDMI (very few Pascal cards do) and will outclass a 1660ti with ease, the cheapest of which goes for ~23-34K. A lot of benchmarks compare a 1660ti with a stock 1070 or blower founder edition. This is a custom pre-overclocked 1070. OC this card and it beats the 1660ti by 20%. So get it at 70% with potentially +20% performance. Comes down to the performance/price ratio of 1.62:1 See value?
    Where does the 1660ti win? Well, it can OC too. NVENC has turned out to be a sham - you can tune OBS on Pascal for same results. You'll get longer warranty, but it's more expensive.

    Shipping is generally within 1 working day. It'll be actuals + 100 handling. Default is speedpost. You are free to choose a more expensive option. Insure it at your cost.


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Up! One RMA piece sold and another non-RMA card booked. Down now to:

1 New RMA piece.
2 RMA pieces (Sno 1 and 4)
Post automatically merged:

Card 1 is literally the best of the lot since I finally ran it in heaven and CSGO all evening.
In CSGO it held 1960 MHz consistently all the time without any tuning ;)


Heaven below.

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Last non-RMA and one RMA piece left.
That's serial #1 (highest boost in game~1961 MHz, chart above) and the RMA'd on with the heatshrink swap still on it.

Note: I have to test the RMA piece as yet, thus you don't see temp curves or stats. It should be perfectly fine knowing this is ASUS, it's a new card, and that the entire lot has been fine, really.