Asus RT-N10 - Does it have a Repeater mode?

Hi ,

I need a wireless repeater for my other room , just wanted to check from you guys whether the Asus RT-N10 has a repeater function?

Its available for 1400 on Flipkart and suits my requirements.
Flipkart: Asus RT-N10: Router

Basically , I need to connect my Blu Ray & TS HD+ box in the other room to the Internets !
I have Asus RT-N10 and it does have repeater mode, for your convenience I have added the photo also:


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thank you so much , thats very helpful!

Okay.. but I am a little confused now.. With the router set to repeater mode, could I connect this through a Lan cable to my Blu Ray player and connect to Internet?

I have a ASUS RT-N13U connected to the internets and spreading the love through wi-fi !

Also how is this router? any major issues?
I think it should because basically what 'Repeater Mode' means is extending your wireless network, that is what you want, I would be happy to help but I don't have any other router to try the repeater mode

Although this should help: eHow | Set up Router in Repeater Mode

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No not any major issues, but it doesn't support full 300Mbps N, but only supports 150Mbps N
if you have GPRS and a wifi hotspot enabled phone, you could create a wifi network ; put the router in repeater mode and attach it through Lan cable to your PC.

Thats a way to test it if you have some free time. I know its a lot to ask form you but " poochne mein kya jaata hai? "

Sorry for replying late

Now I tried to set up the repeater mode, by using the mobile hotspot method, but the problem is I don't have a mobile which has WiFi, so I tried setting it up using my iPod Touch 4G

Here is where problem starts, my iPod is running iOS 5, so any of the jailbreak tweaks in Cydia for WiFi hotspot are still not updated for iOS 5(I tried the two available-MyWi & PdaNet), they didn't worked

If you dont understand any of above, it means that I cannot set up my iPod touch for WiFi Hotspot(there is no problem on router side), but I am not given up, if you are ready to wait for one more day I will borrow my friends HTC Desire S and test it.

So its your call
i will wait !

though I specifically need to know whether you are able to surf on a PC/laptop connected on the other side to the Repeater...

and needless to say, You have been very helpful to me on this :clap: :clap:

Where is the like button ?! ahhh... got it....

Ipods have wifi now?? what for? woh toh MP3 player hai na? :huh:
Again sorry for late reply

I couldn't give you any update as stupid exams were going on

Finally today they ended and first thing I did was call my friend having the HTC

He came we did all initial setup

He put his phone in WiFi hotspot mode and I put router in repeater mode

For the first few tries the router could not find the SSID of the phone, and when it did it got automatically cut off from my PC

I tried but could not get it connected to PC

Now my friend was in little hurry so he left, after he went the router again got detected by PC now what I see is

It was in Repeater mode and the name of SSID of router was same as that of my friends Wifi Hotspot, so indeed the repeater mode work

The only glitch was as my impatient friend went so I could not test the net connectivity to PC

I just want you to know I not making this up and I even feel bad that I am keeping you on hold for so long

So he is coming tomorrow and if you can for last time wait for one more day I will definitely make it through this time and reply you quickly

Again its your call
It works as repeater mode with any router and yes you can plugin ethernet cable to use it when in repeater mode.

I have installed it for guy next door (we are sharing 1mbps line ;) ) working flawlessly for 4months now.
Ahh someone broke through and scooped up...but never mind I finally tested and its working

My computer was able to receive the "Internets" through LAN, but wait you already know that(courtesy: i13)

I hope that Asus RT-N10 did'nt went out of stock as you are waiting till now

So there you have it
Just pointing out that I just got this router and as far as I can see, it will not work as a repeater wirelessly.

Edit: I guess it will work if you follow the instructions in the link above, but not out of the box.

Edit 2: Saw the pick above, and it seems that I must be having an old firmware, as repeater mode is not there at all. Will update and see.

Updated firmware and I still don't see the 'repeater' option.

Duh, the router I have is the RT-N10LZ