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  • Product Name: asus rt-n16 flashed with tomato firmware ..(with inbuilt transmission client for torrent downloading 24 7)
  • Expected Price: Rs 4100
  • Shipping charges: At actual
  • Manufacturer page URL: http://www.asus.com/Networking/RTN16/
  • Description if any: this is a mint condition router bought from usa around 130 $ 4 months back ..its a beast router ..comes with box, manual &adapter ..3 antenna ..check pics ..i have flashed it with tomato firmware which make the router .the super router ...with built in transmission client for torrent downloading
  • Reason for Sale: changed to adsl
  • Product condition: 8 out of 10 (8 becoz router is lil dirty ..and can be cleaned very easy..rest its perfectly working flawlessly ...no history of repair ...if u ask me its almost impossible to brick asus router ..check reviews over different forums for this .. )
  • Purchase Date: 4 months back ...
  • Remaining Warranty period: na
  • Enter these basic information about yourself
    • Shipping from: delhi
    • Shipping to: All over India,
    • Preferred courier: as per buyer
    • Payment options: Cash, Bank Transfer


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its for 5949 rs and i am asking 5000 ....ok i'll reduce it ...its only few month old sir ..
reduced to 4700 cant go below that sir ..


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Me no sir and dropping/increasing price is seller's call- no offense please.
Just that a locally bought new unit with 3 years warranty costed a little more than your earlier asking price.

All the best for your sale. :)


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Bought this from one of the mods of this site for 2.5k shipped a few months ago. While I agree price is your prerogative, at the price you quote, this won't sell.


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Wish you had warranty. Asus India will not bother to repair.
Pricing given by Chaos is current rates for used one. Pls PM me in case you make your mind around that.
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