Asus USB AC55 + AC59U AC1500 Router


Hi guys,
I'm looking to get the Asus USB AC55 wifi dongle for desktop use.

Right now, I'm using Syrotech BSNL FTTH Modem+Router. I'll be upgrading to Asus RT AC59U Dual Band AC1500 Router soon.

I mostly play Apex Legends and my connection is BSNL FTTH 50mbps. Might switch to JioFiber of around same speed as soon as it is available.

The PC and the Router are in adjacent rooms connected by an open corridor. Will I face any issue?

Link to the USB Wifi Dongle:

Link to the Router:
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The rule of thumb is that for multiplayer games, nothing beats a wired connection. You should not have any issues if the rooms are adjacent and the latency should be pretty decent for normal gaming but if you want the best experience (or if you play competitive), an ethernet cable is the way to go.