Asus Vs. MSI Vs. Gigabyte Customer service in India?

Shoshin Samurai

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Maybe this question has been asked before, but I was unable to find anything, and maybe the latest situation could be different.

Of the three, who offers better quality and service in India, specifically, Bangalore?
I've heard tales of Gigabyte's ATX board not fitting into the standard case mounting points, but maybe that's a one off case. Of course, I've heard a lot of bad things said about Asus, but also a lot of good things about the quality of their boards.

So who will you vote for, or for that matter curse? :)


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Board wise I will rate

It again depends on personal choices, preferences and experiences. I have listed as per features & quality. Though all 3 are best in their own ways.
Now service wise it again depends on zones. Rashi handled Asus pathetically years ago but heard good service improments off lately.
Though for Asus and gigabyte I had good experiences in Mumbai.
Never owned any MSI product till date so no personal words but reviews and experiences by fellow members seem good.