ATI - Sapphire 4870HD 512MB PCIe

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As the title says.

ATI - Sapphire 4870HD 512MB

Warranty: Dont know . Purchased from USA

Bill & Box: No (i will have to search for the box so if i get it ill ship it again at no extra cost)

Condition: Very Good

DVI to VGA converter

Overclocked: Never !!

Reason for sale:
Upgraded to

Pix and video of my own product.



IMG 2570 1 - YouTube

Uploaded on 720p on 29th sept 2011 running COD:Black Ops and showing the condition of card :)


Expected price : 3.5k

Mumbai buyers prefered


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Hi deep, received Card on Wednesday itself but since i was out of town was collected by the neighbor and he didn't inform me!!!:( anyways super packing and the card woha!!!it IS HUGE!!:eek:hyeah:!i think i need to upgrade the motherboard/processor/ram/cabinet (yep basically everything) to match it!!!:ashamed: only my CM-RS 600 seems to be some what okay companion to this. The pics really really dont tell what the size of this is!!
Excellent packing and amazing value!!!shall post a positive i trader rating!!!:):hap2:
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