Audio Audio dilemma!!!!


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Audio preference :

  • Alternative Rock ,Punk Rock, Psycheldic Rock,

  • bit country music, Vocal Intense

  • Guitar solos {BIIGGGGG Steve Vai FAN:clap: , can invest in cans solely for this;)}

  • Sufi , Punjabi Pop, etc

  • Like every instrument to be clear (If I'm not wrong this is soundstage)

  • Finish 22 episodes series in 2~3 days (long wearing comfort is required )

  • Dislike boomy BASS

I do understand that there cannot be a ultimate headphone ,satisfying all requirements in (14K budget) and I will probably have to buy diff. device in audio lover journey (not using audiophile).

So , guys require your valuable inputs in choosing


PristineNote stock of clip+ over , any other seller with local warranty??? (clip + based on reviews rso far )

Cans (14K Budget):

Was cosidering Grado's(80,225) Backed out due to comfort :huh:

Shortlisted ATH AD-700 , ATH A-900 and ATH M50 (available form PristineNote)

A-900 -->> not sure If I should invest directly in 10K+ headset

ATH M-50 (portability) vs ATH A-900(comfort-ability)

DAC+Amp (10K Budget): to drive Z-2300 and cans[/B]

{IF good Amp if available in this budget then fine else USB DAC is need of the time }

Within budget Fiio E10 ,mx1 HRT MS2

Again local warranty issues..

Handing over to Pro's...........


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No other dealer stocks Clip+ , alternative is a Nationite N2 which has recieved somewhat good reviews . Listening to the AD700 i can say the higher series will be just purely awesome if they grow on the ad700 and comfortability wise there is no stopping for the AD series , the ATH M-50 is more for bass lovers from what i have read .

Fiio E10 is going to get local warranty probably when Pristine Note gets his Fiio from customs soon (maybe a week or less).


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Check out Shure 940. The Shures are available in india with indian warranty.

Once you've heard a non bassy linearsome sound you'll have lots of options unchecked in future


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Portable - Sansa Fuze+

Cans sorted according to comfort - Senn hd-25 1 > AT A900 > Senns HD600 > Denon D2000(Jmoney pads) = DT880 600ohms > Grado sr225

DAC/AMP - Audinst MX1.

Nuff said!!


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thnx for replies

Got ATH-M50 from prinstine ..while <acronym title='TechEnclave'>TE</acronym> was down

Was looking for HRT MS2 since it seems superior DAC under 200$ ,any other way to source it , as on GEB its 12.5K , 149$ on amazon

will probably get a separate Amp

@Oyster can you post distributor details,was looking for shure 215


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Sun Infonet Pvt. Ltd.

B-222, Naraina Industrial Area

Phase 1 , New Delhi-110 028

Ph. 91-11-25895917 ( Direct)

91-11-25895467; 25895469 ( Board)

91 -11 -45612901 ( Fax)

Mobile: 9811089557