Audio audio setup - help required !


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Now I've a X360 and PS3 + Tata sky connected to my HD TV. With X360 connected through component video and PS3 through HDMI. I've connected the audio of the component cable to my HT, and using the AV multi-out to connected from PS3 to my HT.

The problem is that now its tough to use my HT at loud volumes at night. So, I recently bought a philips headphone for the same purpose.

Now, I need to be able to switch between my headphones and my HT with ease (for both x360 and ps3), without removing / plug/unplug any of the above components every time there is such a need.

Is such a setup possible ?


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What is your TV model no.?

In the sound settings there is an option for this, check it out.


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^^ Samsung, don't remember the model no. But I've not connected the audio from my PS3 or X360 to the TV.


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What Home theater do you have? Usually home theaters have option for 2 set of speakers. 1st set - multi channel and the 2nd set - stereo. If your HT has that, you can have a wire running out from the 2nd speakers set sockets with a femail 3.5mm headphone jack at the other end to connect your headphones to.

Then just switch the speakers using the remote!


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you cant, there is no headphone jack, which is a bit odd. Infact it has not audio out at all except for the custom speaker thingy "Easy-Fit speaker connectors". So you are out of luck there!


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Well there are two things you can do.

1) If your HT has headphone out.
Xbox360 -> Component Cable -> Tv -> HT -> Headphone
PS3 -> HDMI Cable -> Tv -> HT -> Headphone

2) If your TV has headphone out while keeping your connection from TV to HT
Xbox360 -> Component Cable -> Tv -> Headphone
PS3 -> HDMI Cable -> Tv -> Headphone

Or you can buy a A/V reciever and connect the headphone to that but i'm sure u wudn't wanna spend more so i'm not really suggesting this ;)