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Jun 23, 2020
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Found that I am not too big a fan of the sound signature and is not being used much as I like. Seems like I prefer Sennheiser's sound signature more.
Hello guys,

Am posting this so that I can sell my Audio Technica M50x.

I have bought these from a member of Techenclave here (starlord).

These are in pristine condition and work perfectly. The original seller hadn't used them much and neither have I. There is hardly any wear in the ear pads or the headband. Condition is like brand new, but am docking a point since they are in an open box. Included are the headphones, all the original accessories and the box it came with.

The reason I'm selling these is that I haven't taken a huge liking to the sound signature and found that I haven't been using them as much as I thought I would be. Hope these find a good buyer who can appreciate them better than I do.

No low ballers, please.

Thank you and happy shopping.


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Hi, definitely interested. I had a pair of these, but they got stolen off my head by some hooligans on a bike, and I've been waiting for a few years to try and get them again. Could you give me a little bit more of a discount though, if you can? I am in BLR, so you won't have to pay for shipping, and I spent a fair bit on building my first PC with this sale. So a bit tight in the budget department right now. I thought i would wait until next year to get them again, but I'll take them off you right away if you're okay with this.