AudioTechnica ATH AD700+E7, EVGA GTX 260, RzR Mantsi,WD 640GB AAKS,Samsund DVD Wr

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1.Audiotechnica ATH AD700+Fiio E7- 7.5k
AD700 is 4.5 months old
Fiio E7 is 1 week old
Reason for sale: Going portable as I am unable to spend time @ home. And i cant lug these two around.
Condition:AD700-8/10. there is a slight smudge on the grills on one side
Fiio E7-9.8/10

2.EVGA GTX 260 SSC black: 6k
1 year old, working perfectly without a issue and OCs like hell
US warranty remains, no indian warranty. 7 days testing period or 30 days for old members/bangaloreans.

3.Razer Mantis Speed(look alike)-300rs
its a look alike with good grip and comes with box

4.Wester Digital 640gb hard disk: 1.9k
warranty till 26.6.2013. approx 2.5 yrs warranty left

5.Samsun IDE DvD writer:650rs
Friend got this from me never used it as h e as no system.
Condition 9.5/10
its a opened unused peice

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