Security Software AV + firewall for office

I have a server with 22 clients connected to it. I wanted to install some firewall and antivirus for protection. Any suggestions for which firewall and AV should i use and which is the best way to configure it ?


Ye Olde Systems Breaker
McAfee AV+As with McAfee HIPS

or similar

Symantec AV+AS with Symantec HIPS

but dont think u will get a single user.


you haven't mentioned what kind of server it is? Windows or Linux?

If you haven't decided a solution yet, I would like you point to Linux based solution because its cost effective,flexible and more secure. in servers, Linux really shines. not to forget, its immune to all window's based malware

you can install centOS distro and use the following tools

* AV: ClamAV

* Firewall: iptables with some fancy frontend like APF or csf

* Networking & filesharing: Samba

* SQUID: Web caching to speed up internet access and reduce bandwidth usage. and can also used as filtering and monitoring web access.

What great is samba also supports Active Directory integration.

Doing this, you will end up saving you lot of money purchasing licenses for proprietary software.


^ +1 for Linus server. Also you are better off with a hardware firewall at the main internet access point than a software firewall on each computer. In a network each computer having a firewall only complicates thing a lot.