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Hello Everyone,

Selling two posters

Product 1 : Batman Arkham City Poster

Actual product link - http://www.flipkart.com/batman-arkham-city-main-paper-print/p/itmdbd4fdcbsgaky?pid=POSDBD4DHBZ7HWPT

Size : 24x36 inches

Condition - 9.5/10 No tear marks or worn off

Price - Rs 150.

Product 2 : A Bodybuilder poster with slogan 'No gain without pain'

Size : 32x20 inches

Condition - 9.5/10

Price : Rs 120.

Common Details :

Reason for Sale : Changing room look. Putting photos clicked by me on walls so removing these.

Shipping - Rs 99 only. Costly as covers have weight and expense. North and Central india people preferred.0
Would give both for Rs 350 shipped.

Add on - Also have this awesome Muhammad Ali 'Dont quit' poster.. Ping me if you are looking to buy it - http://cdn.europosters.eu/image/750/6975.jpg


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i'll take both. Pm me details.

EDIT : will take all three incl mohd ali one.

Btw that bodybuilder is Lee Priest. do you have any other such poster as well? Source for the bodybuilder poster?


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Wow.. didnt expected such a quick sale..

Lee Priest poster was brought from local shop itself.. while drooling in the shop found this poster between other bollywood hero posters.

PMing you the details..[DOUBLEPOST=1375125454][/DOUBLEPOST]BTW, whats ur location..
Shipping to south india is bit expensive than rest part
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