Best Budget 55" 4K HDR TV for Playstation Gaming

Dr. House

Hello! Next month I am looking to purchase a new 55" inch 4K Smart TV with HDR and dolby vision support. Currently I am having PS4 and will purchase PS5 as soon as it will launch in India probably in Nov-Dec 2020.
TV should be good in fast motion response time, contrast and black level should be great. Sound quality doesn't matter to me as I have sony 5.1 dolby home theatre already to connect via HDMI ARC.
There are so many budget TVs in market like VU, TCL, Hisense, Toshiba etc. that offers great value for money.
Budget is under 50k INR for now. Please suggest me best budget TV for this price range. :)


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none rn wait a bit. ps5 wont likely launch before late q1 in India imo, by that time you should have better availability of tv's with hdmi 2.1


i am in for monitor. dont know how much input lag TV.
i do love me some online fps.
feels bad, when i missed out on 5yr panel warranty of hisense TV.