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I don't have any prior knowledge base regarding different kinds of panels and/or the technology related to them. Need options on a 40/43 inch TV capable of 4K, 10-bit, SMART TV.
Branded ones are usually said to be good but want to know if there are non-branded too which fit the bill and are almost at par with branded counterparts. If not then which brand offers the above features.
Budget is 30-35K max as of now. More than budget, it's a space constraint.
I've been using Mi TV 32 inch one till now. While I prefer it's interface and ease of use, I absolutely hate it's color representation and panel quality. The blacks aren't dark enough, Red almost looks like Carrot-ish color and if viewed from a distance less than 2 feet, pixels become apparent. From my viewing distance of 7 feet, it's OKish. Content viewed is either from OTT platforms or from YouTube and media hosted on local machines.
From overnight research I have come to few conclusions;
1. Won't be getting any good offerings from named brands in this size and price category. If I stretch budget to 40K then there's one or 2 Samsung and LG devices that come close to cutting it. Moreover, going beyond 35K and getting a 40 incher rubs sore when one looks at 55inch offerings of budget brands in the same price.
2. Can't have OLED in this price, let alone QLED
3. 10-bit is synonymous to HDR but it's Dolby Vision that's more pervasive but then again, budget TV won't be having that either.
Thus the option field gets limited to budget brands such as TCL, Xiaomi, HiSense, Nokia.
Problem comes now from 2 aspects; first the "YouTube reviews" of these brands are biased to favor them. Secondly, besides Mi, the chances of having an -in-store demo of these other brands are low to none.

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Check how much 42inch OLEDs are for. OLEDS are best, Qleds are second and still not much of a match for OLED.
If youre looking for picture quality, you need to forget about budget brands and their prices.


Sorry, have nothing to add to what @Party Monger said.

But I wanted to ask you to let us know what you decide on. It'll help me and others with their purchase decision. Hope you find the best deal! :D