Best VPN for business?


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Hey, want to hear about what you think about NordVPN Teams? Did some research and it looks pretty good. Any thoughts?

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Hi simply111,
Mullvad is good and they do run promotions sometimes but unfortunately they are within the 14 eye countries group so weight it accordingly. NordVPN is great too and they do run promotions all the time, dump their client and use OpenVPN.
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Any tutorials ? also for beginners it might be scary to not know the hidden costs of a complex offering and surprised with a hefty bill :p

Check out AWS Lightsail. It starts at 3.5 USD/month.
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@superczar could also help
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The following considerations will help you getting the best service among such huge numbers of VPN Providers:

1) Data logging policies and Jurisdiction:
it is important to find providers with minimum logging policies as it's the only way against modern surveillance technology. Also try to find a companies that installed their servers out of the uS, otherwise it is easy for US government to access your data.

2) Level of Encryption:
Before you subscribe to a VPN service, you need to ensure that it provides adequate security for your web sessions so look for a company that offer higher levels of encryption as if 128-bit encryption can’t be cracked by brute force, 256-bit encryption is 2^128 harder than that.

3) Diversity of servers and locations:
It helps you to find a server with lower latency and higher bandwidth.

4) Customer service:
A good customer service is generally indicative of the capability of the company especially if they take criticism and complaints in a positive manner.

5) Device Compatibility:
good provider should offer support for all major desktop as well as Mobile operating system. your smartphone is almost as powerful as a laptop these days, so make sure that your VPN is usable on your device also you may need to verify that your provider supports Boxee, XBox or DD-WRT router or....

6) Price VS services:
compare prices, and make sure you get the best deal available, not just the cheapest. All providers offer certain advantages and drawbacks, so consider carefully before committing.

Hope it could help.



I know this topic is pretty old but i just made a research about "ExpressVPN" and i would like more info and feedbacks about its service. I've read a lot of reviews online and most of them are very positive about ExpressVPN :

But i don't know why i'm suspicious to see them so well ranked on all these websites... They are all affiliate sites so they are probably biased.

What are your thought ? Because it's pretty expensive in comparison to some other VPN providers so I don't want to make a bad decision. Thank you for your help!


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Use sytweak VPN for your business, it has all the quality to become number one in VPN category. It will boost your privacy and improve security.


Would not recommend NordVPN. It is cheap compared to others but I have not been able to get good performance from it. I used it in Saudi Arabia to open India based OTT sites like Hotstar.. but the quality of video never came good.


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What is that you're looking to get out of the VPN? Easiest is probably pritunl on aws. Cloudflare Access/Gateway for more hassle free setup. But all depends on use case.


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With Wireguard


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I just deployed 1 on VULTR with ubuntu.
u can follow this script.