FS: Keyboard and Mice BIG Rantopad H3 Mousepads For Sale!

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2 Types Available -
Matrix – Perfect for more controlled movements (similar to Razer Mantis Control)
Silk (Glide) – More for Speed and smoothness of movement (similar to Razer Mantis Speed)
Dimensions -
14.5 x 11.5 inch, 3mm thick

Size comparison
Regular mousepad (in blue) VS the BIG Rantopad H3 next to it.

Matrix (For Better Grip) Mousepads
Rantopad H3 - Matrix Cobweb

Rantopad H3 - Cobweb.jpg

Silky smooth (Smoother Glide) Mousepads
Rantopad H3 - Silk Amethyst

Rantopad H3 - Silk Amethyst.jpg

Rantopad H3 - Silk Blue
Rantopad H3 - Silk Blue.jpg

Rantopad H3 - Silk Orange
Rantopad H3 - Silk Orange.jpg

Rantopad H3 - Silk Green
Rantopad H3 - Silk Green.jpg

Texture Difference between Matrix and Silk mousepads
Matrix Grip Feel
Rantopad-H3-Matrix texture-cobweb.jpg

Silk smooth feel
Rantopad-H3-Glide Texture - Silk Amethyst.jpg
Note- Through photos alone the difference isn't appreciable, you can always come over and try the mouse pad before the puchase, either Wadala, Andheri or Belapur.
Underside of All mousepads


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Awesome babhishek, will surely PM bank details. Please select the mouspad you'd like, matrix or silk smooth one. I personally use the silk one with purple Amethyst design.
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