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Aug 12, 2020
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Item not in use
These are the items I'm not currently using so it's an effort to free up locked capital. The price of earphones is very competitive given their usage history, or lack of in this case. As for CCA, I tried to make a minor profit off of it in an earlier sale thread elsewhere but I guess I misread the market. So now I'm selling it at cost as-is basis, i.e. selling for what it cost me. All prices are inclusive of shipping, unless the buyer arranges for it. Condition of all items is immaculate and can be adjudged from the pics. Higher quality pics and function check can be provided over Whatsapp/Telegram
  • Chromecast Audio-> Had heard guys practically swoon over it on HFV forum so wanted to see what the fuss was all about. It's addition in my chain didn't make a difference to how I was listening to music, so it wasn't used much and was very soon relegated to storage. Bought it from a forum member on HFV forum so no bill was provided for it. Moreover as you can see from the pics, it's a U.S version so don't think a bill would've made any difference. Bought a Blue Rigger Optical cable separately for it so bundling that along with it but at an added cost.
Price-> SOLD to HFV FM
  • Blon BL-05 -> Practically every forum and YouTube reviewer was "infected" with ChiFi infection of Tin T and Blon BL-03. I got contracted the BL-05 strain from Amazon (bill in pics). Used it once and then kept it back in storage as they didn't provide any major improvement over my existing daily drivers (ATH IM-70). Come with original box and all the tips minus the cloth pouch which my mother poached.
Price-> SOLD on FB PLGS
  • JBL Endurance Run -> Bought it when my "workout pair" got busted but alongside these I also bought Klipsch T5M and ended up using those. These have had just their box opened and, AFAIK, have never felt an inside of human ear. If I'm able to get the desired quote for it, Great, else I'll rescind them from sale.
Price-> 800/-

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