Books, Neutrik XLR plug, Scandisk Memory Stick Pro.

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Selling these books. All except for Freakonomics are original titles.
The neutrik plug is sealed and unused.
The memory stick pro is 512 mb. Was used in my previous sony phone. Comes with an adaptor.
The apple ipod universal dock is new and unused.Came with my Ipod classic.

Books -
Snapshots from hell- 200
Agatha Christie Compilation - 200
Think and grow rich - 150
To kill a mockingbird - 200
Freakonomics- 50
Greatness Guide- 150
Digital Fortress- 150
The sum of all fears- 200.

Freakonomics free to anybody who buys 2 books.

Apple dock - 250

Neutrik plug- bought for 280- Selling at 250.
Memory stick pro - 300

No bill, no warranty. Goods sold will not be taken back. Courier, whchever the buyer prefers.

Peace :)


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will take digital fortress

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and its 3rd July mate. not 3rd june. see what you have written on the peice of paper. :p


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@ Ankur - yea man :p Typo ! Sorry for the error. Anyway, pm me your address details.
@ Dhruv - You will have to check that boss. I have a classic too, its the same dock as the touch.
Dock on hold for falcon.
Greatness guide sold to karan_n8.


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arjpillai said:
You mean "To Kill A Mockingbird"

When did you get it and where from ?
Yea, typo again It's an old book. Got it from the vendor I usually buy books from.The pages have the yelloish feel but not one page is tattered.

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dhruvrock2000 said:
o_O where did Falcon come from ? I asked you first on the thread :(

Does it work on your iPod Classic ?

He messaged me bro. Whoever pays first gets it. Also , its in the picture, I've never really used it. Infact the one in the picture is the one I got with my classic. Confusion, the post has been edited. It says 9 on the bottom.So visit this link and you will know which all models are compatible. It says the 5g 30 gb is compatiblie though.


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Can you post a pic of only the dock because from here it looks like only a dock adaptor. Also are you based in Delhi ?


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Bump !! Everything apart from the Greatness Guide is still up !

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MS sold to abhishek.Will ship today.
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