Booting Takes time and Apps take ages to load with i5 2500k+8GB


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So I bought the below combo from fellow TE member a week ago and got the 8GB 1333MHz Single stick RAM from local vendor.

Processor: Intel core i5 2500k
Board: MSI Z68A G45
CPU Cooler: Cooler Master Hyper 212x

Installed Win 7 Ultimate and now the problem is, with my earlier setup(Q6600+4GB RAM) it takes me around 1-2 mins for the login screen to show up. Now it takes around 3-4 mins for the login screen to show up. And after that, the Windows works fine for small applications but if I open any game like FC4, KF2 it would hang for a while and open the games after 5-6 mins.

I did a fresh installation of Win 10 and yet the same issue!

I checked the temp during opening of games and it is well within normal range.

I want to know what's causing the issue? If the Service centre guy didn't assemble the cooler properly does such things happen? Or is it anything to do with Single stick 8GB RAM?

Not able to use the system makes me go crazy!!! Help me out guys.


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Wait, which OS are you trying to boot into? WIndows 7 or Windows 10, since you said you installed windows 7 and then apparently that took more time than usual (1 minute itself isn't good) and then you installed windows 10?.Bootime already seems to be slow if its taking you more than 1 minute which i assume you're on a HDD then. Seeing the other problems you're having, it looks like either your hard drive is completely full and hence everything else is running slow or it's about to die. Need more details to understand your problem though as vyral said.
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If its an HDD then probably its dying. Check in HDsentinel for issues and remaining life.
Why you moved back to 7?
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@rajkumar_pb - I thought this was solved with inserting the 8gb stick in slot number 2?
If not, would recommend you using dual channel 4gb sticks x 2 or 8gb sticks x 2 if you think the RAM is culprit and there might be problems with using single channel ram.
Else, if you can run a hdd test using HDTunePro to know if your hdd is damaged then you would be better off upgrading your hdd.


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@rajkumar_pb - I would also recommend getting the RAM stick checked by local vendor at some pc at his shop to understand if that Stick is any problem or not because the Kingston HyperX 1866mhz RAM 8gb x 2 sticks worked flawlessly on it which were sold to other member.
If possible, try getting 2 sticks of 4gb from him as a replacement so as to make the dual channel work in slot 2&4.


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How if you can do CLEAN INSTALL again.

Copy data on some other drive.

Format main HDD completely and partition again with win 7 installation CD/pendrive



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Thanks for all your replies.

Will try to do the below tonight:

1- Check HDD
2- Install Drivers
3- Check if RAM is the culprit(But I highly suspect because it is new, Bought one last week, 30-July)

@Rezep I installed Windows 7 first. But since it was slow, I installed Win 10 and tried. Right now, system is running Win 10 Pro!
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What drives are you using ?

HDD's only. No SSD
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Before starting, I just removed all SATA cables, cleaned them and plug all HDD's one by one.

And then did the below.

1. Removed the HDD and formatted it from another PC.
2. Put the HDD back in my PC and then did a fresh re-install of Windows 7
3. Install all drivers

And ran the PC for about >2 hours and tried playing SF IV:Arcade Edition for 20 minutes.

During games, Core Temp reaches around 42-45 C and at other times, it hovers around 34-38 C.

So far no issues of restarting all of a sudden. Boot time is now 37-39s for login screen and another 20s to load desktop with all processes. It's good.

Point to note is that, I didn't changed the HDD. Only formatted it from another PC and installed OS from my PC only.

I will need to let it run for another few hours under stress and see if any issue occurs. But so far, things looks good and I thank you all for your helpful replies.
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Guys I guess I celebrated too early! Getting frequent BSOD's whenever I try to install SDK using Android Studio.

Posting HDTune Screenshot of primary HDD where I installed Windows 7 & Softwares. Please tell me if this looks good? Posted the secondary HDD HDTune Results as well.



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