iOS Bought an iPad Mini 2 : 1st Apple device. Please suggest a good magnetic smart case & also PDF apps.


Hello friends!

I have recently bought an Apple iPad Mini 2 for multipurpose usage, namely PDF reading & annotation, Image editing and Surfing the Internet. Being a 1st time Apple user & also a 1st time tablet user, I would like to request you to help me in :

1) Finding a top quality magnetic sleep/wake flip case that will cover the iPad's back, side as well as front side. I don't want to buy an Apple original smart case coz it's way too expensive! Checked the local market but found all that cheap stuff which doesn't look professional at all. Checked online but the cases are without any reviews & ratings. I want a smart case which resembles exactly the same as that of original Apple smart case BUT at a price below 1k.

2) Also, looking for the protection of screen. I am confused. Whether to go for a normal screen guard or a tempered glass? There are again different types of screen guards available. Is there any reduction in the touch sensitivity of the screen due to the application of tempered glass? Please help me out with the price comparison.

3) Finally, suggest me some excellent apps for reading & annotating my PDF files (all files related to my civil services exam preparation)... advanced level image editing app (preferably free version) and also plz tell me which browser is light weight and the best (along with an ad blocker! A Must!!)

4) Also, if you would like to suggest me some more useful apps of your own choice, I will be really thankful to you.


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1)Check Croma,Flipkart website - they had discounts.The original is worth buying for long-term.
2)Go with normal since you want to mainly study and edit images which might get hampered with any other type.
3)I use Adobe PDF because it works well for my use - mainly night-mode and smooth experience.Search the App Store and try a few.
4)Apps suggested :
FileMaster (works great over WiFi for file transfers - assign a static IP to your iPad to make it super effective,also had PDF reader,file player built-in)
VLC media player,
UC Browser,
Google Apps - chrome,drive - scan and upload,
For individual websites,you can create a shortcut on the screen using Safari,
will add more when i remember,try these and let me know :)